rake's Speech At Netflix's 'Top Boy' Premiere In London

London coming of age crime series, Top Boy’s third season will premiere September 13th on Netflix. Drake will serve as the executive producer for the reboot. Last night, Drake and the rest of the cast and crew took to the red carpet for the UK premiere of Top Boy season 3. Before the showing, Drake gave a heartfelt speech stating:

“I think September 13th is a real U.K. heritage moment that you should all be very proud of. You all made it happen, I just really wanted it to happen. To the cast, new and old, the crew, the writers, the production team, everybody that pulled this all together. I really do appreciate it,”

He added:

“I just want to say thank you so much for letting me be apart of it. I know a lot of time, people are like, ‘You’re not even from there, just don’t ever forget you’re not from there’… Sometimes it’s not just about where you’re from, it’s about places that make you wish you were from there and you all inspire me…..I don’t mean to single anybody out but I just wanted to say to my brother Dave, I’m so proud of you man. I remember from jumping on your song to now, I’m just so proud of the growth for everybody”.

Check out the full clip below and check out the Top Boy season 3 Netflix premiere on September 13th.

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