YG Premieres “Stop Snitching” & Announces Album Release Date At Coachella


YG hit the stage at Coachella last night. During his set, he decided to premiere a new 6ix9ine diss titled “Stop Snitching”. He also announced the official release date for his upcoming album. He told the crowd:

“So I had an album coming out April 12th. It was supposed to come out on Friday, but I got some fu*ked up news that my ni**a had passed on me and shit, so it’s like I didn’t even know how to motherfu*kin walk and talk. I couldn’t get out of bed. I was in bed everyday until 4PM you know what I’m saying. My life was fu*ked up and is still fu*ked up. The only reason I’m up here is because I’ve been drinking a whole lot of tequila. You know what I’m saying, but my ni**a gone and I have to deal with this shit, so I decided to push my album back to May 3rd god dammit. You know what I’m saying?”

YG also brought out special guest 2 Chainz and Big Sean perform “Big Bank”, Tyga to perform his hit single “Taste”, and took time to remember the life of his friend Nipsey Hussle.

Watch the perfomance below and and stay tuned for more info about his new album before it hits stores on May 3rd.

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