City Of Philadelphia Announces “Meek Mill Weekend”

Meek Mill has been fighting his way back into the spotlight after his unfortunate incarceration last year. Since his release, he’s spent most of his time working on a prison reform for the country. His hard work has paid off as today Philadelphia declares March 15th to 17th Meek Mill Weekend.

Meek Mill along with a group of politicians and public figures met at City Hall this afternoon for a ceremony honoring his philanthropy and contributions to hip hop. Meek addressed the media stating:

“I think we deserve better. I’m trying to fight for young kids that I’ve spent time with and sat in prison with. I’ve been to prison a few times for probation violations but the one time my city of Philadelphia showed me support is the one time I came out of prison.”

He also added about his criminal reform efforts with Jay Z and Michael Rubin:

“Our foundation is focusing on probation and parole. That was the biggest obstacle that always stopped me in my life. You have kids that might make a mistake and get on probation. Smoke a joint and you might end up in the penitentiary for three years getting raised by a felon. This is not a call out for people to do crimes and not go to jail. This is a call out for people to get a fair chance. And that’s what I’m here fighting for.”

Congrats to Meek on his celebratory weekend in his hometown. Check out the clips below.

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