Young Dolph hit a sang while on his promo run for his project Role Model as he was robbed for nearly $500,000 in cash, jewelry & electronics. As reported, Dolph and a friend were having lunch at a Cracker Barrel in Fairburn, Georgia Wednesday when his camouflage Mercedes-Benz SUV was broken into. The thieves got away with a plethora of  items including chains, watches, sunglasses, cash, a Glock handgun, and electronics valued at almost half a million dollars. Young Dolph and his friend were  alerted about the incident and immediately left the restaurant ti find all his items missing.

It’s reported that the security cameras of the gas station across the street were able to catch robbery on camera.

The missing items include:

1) Two diamond chains valued at $27,000 and $57,000
2) Richard Millie watch valued at $230,000
3) Patek Phillipe watch valued at $85,000
4) Two pairs of Cartier sunglasses valued at $24,000 and $700
5) Pirelli backpack valued at $300
6) Apple MacBook valued at $3,000
7) Apple iPad valued at $500
8) Apple AirPods valued at $200.

In other news Dolph is giving away a custom camouflage Dodge Hellcat or $30,000 to the winner of his #ThatsMajorChallenge.

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