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kendrick lamar accepts pulitzer prize for damn album

Kendrick Lamar became the first rap artist to win the Pulitzer Prize, which measures excellence in journalism and music, for his album DAMN a few weeks back. The official award ceremony took place at Columbia University earlier this week.

Administrator Dana Canedy had this to say about K. Dot:

“We are very proud of this selection. It means that the jury and the board judging system worked as it’s supposed to. The best work was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. It shines a light on hip-hop in a completely different way. This is a big moment for hip hop music and a big moment for the Pulitzers.”

Kendrick responded:

“It’s an honor. I’ve been writing my whole life, so to get this type of recognition. It’s beautiful.”

Watch the clip below and download DAMN. on iTunes/Google Play.

kendrick lamar pulitzer prize 1

kendrick lamar pulitzer prize 2

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