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Yung Mal Lil Quill Shot Following Their Show In Nashville
1017 Eskimo Records’s Young Mal and Lil Quill have been buzzing consistently the year and change. They recently had a show in Nashville, TN. After the show, they hit up DMG Studios but upon leaving some one opened fire on their tour bus from two separate vehicles. Yung Mal was hit in the legs and back and Lil Quill was shot in his legs as well. The driver of the bus was also injured, but is in stable condition.

1017 Eskimo Records released an official statement:

“Yung Mal and lil Quill were both shot following a show they did in Nashville. They got hospitalized after their bus got shot up when a somebody pulled up 2 cars deep on the highway. Quill got Shot in the leg and Mal got shot both in the leg and the back. Get well soon lil Quill and Yung Mal! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger #1017vstheworld 🙏🙏🙏🙏.”

Yung Mal also took to his Instagram account to give fans a message.


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